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Awesome Tanks is back with more, bigger and longer-lasting upgrades! Controls: Aim & Shoot: Mouse Move: WASD or Arrow Keys Switch Weapons: 1~9, Space or Q & E Lay Mines: Shift ...
Category: Action & Adventure
Views: 10862
All about the gravity, folks! Get your happy little ball to the big bubble, but don't fall, and don't hit the spikey dudes. Many levels, many, many levels. And a level editor? Aw snap!...
Category: Strategic
Views: 12250
Island Runner is a fun new never ending running game similar to that of the hugely popular Temple Run! Choose which character you want to run with, each of which have their positives and negatives and try to jump across as many islands as you possibly can! As you run through you'll find mystery boxes which give random good or bad bonuses! See how far you can get and don't forget to submit your score at the end and see how you stack up against players playing Island Runner from all over the world! Controls: Z - Jump Double Tap Z - Double Jump X - Dash ...
Category: Other
Views: 25812
Initiate chain reactions with your infection to kill a certain number of people in each city. Upgrade various aspects of your virus as you try to take over the world!...
Category: Action & Adventure
Views: 11038
Hordes of horrible creatures descend upon your fantasy land. Magic towers to the defense in the Azgard Tower Defense flash game. Choose a difficulty and location, and then drag towers that you can afford and drop them anywhere on the ramparts where they show a green outline. Note that some towers specialize in ground or air defense. Take out all of the waves before they reach your castle....
Category: Strategic
Views: 8528
Burrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel! More special gummy bears, more wrestling in the ring, more doors to shatter, more powers to upgrade, more money to steal, more, more & more!...
Category: Action & Adventure
Views: 8893
Based on the novel by H.P Lovecaft. Featuring destructable bodies. Defies one of the basic zombie laws. You can shoot the head off but they will keep coming! Makes this game even harder and creepier. Awesome death scenes as well....
Category: Shooting
Views: 9856

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